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November Meeting Recap:


SEW Coalition Agenda 11.9.2020
Download PDF • 2.68MB

In Attendance:

Kelly Bane: Parent/El Paso County Workgroup

Terry Bramschreiber: PRHS Principal

Tiffany Brown: Parent, Sociologist

Nancy Fritzsche: Tri-Lakes United Methodist Church

Sheli Gray: Ruth Washburn Cooperative Nursery School

Sam Hastings: Tri-Lakes United Methodist Church

Bridget O’Connor: LPHS Principal

Heather Pelser: Regional Youth Suicide Prevention Coordinator

Theresa Philipps: D-38 Board of Education

Debbie Sell: LPHS/PRHS Social Worker

Kirk Woundy: NAMI

Mike Luginbuhl: Monument Hill Kiwanis

RF Smith: Monument Hill Kiwanis

Carey Boelter: Behavioral Health Programs Manager—BHCON Co-Responder Program

Hannah Cooper: LPHS Student

Welcome and Introductions:

Nancy Fritzsche

Featured Partner Presentation:

Carey Boelter—Behavioral Health Programs Manager, BHCON Co-Responder Program


09-2020 BHCON presentation
Download PDF • 3.34MB

Q&A Discussion:

  • Funding for this program comes from EPC Sheriff’s Department and a grant for clinicians from Office of Behavioral Health.

  • BHCON Team has responded to calls for children as young as 7 years old. SEW Coalition will invite principals and counselors from local elementary schools to join us as we move forward. All elementary schools have mental health programming, some use Capturing Kids’ Hearts. It was mentioned that during online schooling, this programming is an option for students to click on, but is not currently embedded in the curriculum.

Collaboration with Community Health Partnership:

Sheli Gray

  • Sheli will participate on the Steering Committee for Suicide Prevention Collaborative of El Paso County as a liaison between SEW Coalition and SPCEPC and report to SEW Coalition on current state initiatives and work being done in El Paso County.

  • With funding from SPCEPC, SEW Coalition will complete a Visioning Session with Vantage Evaluation at our December Coalition Meeting. We will be guided in a brainstorming session to develop a strategy and timeline for moving into the new year and beyond.

  • Things for us to consider before the December meeting—Where do we want to be in 2 years? 4 years? What would it take to get there? How do we fit into the larger (county, state, national) picture of suicide prevention? How do we move to a long-term prevention model?

Year of the Story Campaign:

SEW Coalition will roll out the campaign in January while D-38 high school alumni are home from college. We hope to have them tell their stories at the January SEW Coalition meeting.

We will begin with former D-38 students who have already participated in a LPHS panel discussion and students who contacted the Board of Education this summer.

We will try to incorporate stories from former D-38 students who are not attending college.

Topics will include: race, gender identity, depression, academic and athletic pressures, and will include stories of triumph as well as those still grappling with these issues.

A group of SEW Coalition volunteers will meet with Mari Moxley sometime in November to plan the details of the campaign.

Next SEW Coalition Meeting:

Monday December 14, 6:30-8:00PM via Zoom

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