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About SEW

Who We Are:

Tri-Lakes SEW Coalition is a group of students, parents, community members, professionals, and agencies, who meet to foster youth social emotional wellness in the Tri-Lakes community.


What We Do:

We will enrich, improve, and save lives. To do this we will evaluate the current social emotional climate and provide opportunities to work together to construct sustainable community-wide strategies for improved youth social emotional wellness, learn about resources and projects already existing in our area, discuss ways we can better connect with one another, and offer community programming (i.e. Sources of Strength, Community Conversations, Evidence-Based Trainings etc.) that strengthens individuals and families.

Our Mission


The SEW Coalition will work together to ensure that youth in the Tri-Lakes community who need mental health support will be seen and heard. Someone, somewhere will notice and know how to direct the individual to the appropriate resource(s).


Our coalition will prioritize communication above all. This will include interagency, family, and community communication. We will also work to improve mental health outreach and education for youth and parents, to normalize the conversation around mental health, and to increase access to mental health care for all children, youth, and families. We will work to support and actively participate in the state and county suicide prevention initiatives. Ultimately, we will shift the culture of the Tri-Lakes community to prioritize and improve the social emotional wellness of our youth.

Our Mission
Friends in Staduim

Guiding Principles

  • We acknowledge and value the good work that is already being done by our partners.

  • We will maintain a flexible structure in order to fit the evolving needs of our partners and the Tri-Lakes community.

  • We value transparency, collaboration, inclusion, and best practices.

  • We recognize the gift that each of our partners gives to this cause through the time spent in our meetings and recognize the extra work that it will take to build a coalition that provides quality presentations and support of special projects.

  • We hope to highlight, support, and synergize with this work rather than duplicate or compete.

  • We believe in acknowledging all aspects of trauma and its impact on well-being.

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